EP Review: Cro-Mags - Don't Give In

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Don't Give In

Victory Records




Is there a more prevalent hardcore era than that of New York’s in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s? Perhaps a better question; is there any band more renowned from that hardcore scene then Cro-Mags? Everyone from Metallica, to Green Day and Dave Grohl, have made note of the iconic group’s influence on them. Now, after a 19-year hiatus and a few legal battles within the group, Cro-Mags have returned with 3 brand-new tracks with “Don’t Give In” leading the pack. Though the mid-tempo intro may have you raising your brow and wondering if they’ve abandoned their hardcore branded style, they quickly put your concerns to bed as the song kicks into gear and the familiarity and rawness returns. Harley Flanagan, though, delivers a very motivational lyric that encourages that while we may get knocked down, we can’t stay there as he challenges us to give it everything we have no matter what battles and struggles we face, what life demands, and what unexpected curveballs come at us. “Drag You Under” and “No One’s Victim,” both coming in right around the minute and a half mark, give us that 1980s raw hardcore that we know and love from Cro-Mags, but also continue the trend set by “Don’t Give In” of providing a shot of motivation with the lyrics: “Sometimes it feels like life is trying to drag you under, but you just can’t quit” and “you can’t let your circumstances define who you are.” Cro-Mags are New York Hardcore at its finest and they continue to showcase that with these exciting new songs, while also standing to prove that even after a hiatus a band can return their roots to deliver the same impact they once had to an entirely new generation.


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