Album Review: The Early November - Lilac

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The best artists, the ones that connect with listeners and leave a lasting impression, are those that write from someplace they know and tell a personal, though relatable, story within each song. That’s what Ace Enders and The Early November have been doing since they burst on the scene in 2002 with their EP For All of This. Following their last two critically acclaimed releases, The Early November now returns with Lilac – their first album since 2015’s Imbue. Pulling from his own personal life, Enders dives into the darkness as he weaves us through 11 cuts about a family member's struggle with addiction and depression. We got our first taste of the album with the ultra-catchy “Ava Maria,” and that song proves to only be the tip of the iceberg. “Perfect Sphere (Bubble)” leads us into the album with just a simple piano and Enders vocals before giving us a slow build surrounded by a pop-laden backbeat that sets the tone for what to expect as we dig further into this pop infused album. Big choruses, like those you find on “Comatose” and “Hit By A Car (In Euphoria), are the overall signature of the entire album as the majority of songs are written in such a way that everything is designed to build to this pinnacle. As Enders flawlessly does so often, his vocal conveys all the proper emotions and exposes the vulnerability of the lyrics, while finding the beauty within the dark moments to become encouraging in its own way. Lilac is the album for the kid that feels all alone and trapped within a single down moment of life, but is crafted in such a way that tells them they aren’t alone, that it’s only a short-lasting moment, and there will be a way out of it if you’ll only stick through the tough part to get to the wonderful, other side of whatever you’re going through right now.

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