Album Review: Groovenics - Vacation Metal

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Vacation Metal

Independent Release




Florida has certainly given the world its fair share of rock music: gothic influenced alternative (Marilyn Manson), straight ahead rock (Shinedown), emo (Dashboard Confessional), or good old-fashioned pop punk (New Found Glory). Sitting in the middle of that incredibly diverse scene is Groovenics, an equally diverse band who’s influence played a major role on the underground scene that many of Florida’s rock bands are rooted in. After a successful reunion, they released their album Vacation Metal in 2017 and we’re going to take a deeper look into it! On one hand there is an expected throwback feel to the late 90’s nu-metal category that they’ve been lumped into so often, Groovenics with songs such as “Into the Ground.” But on the other hand, there’s a vast diversity within this album that starts with the eeriness of the keyboards on opener “Contortions,” flows through the snotty LA underground punk sound on “Harlequin” and “GFY,” and carries through the straight ahead 90’s era punk sound (think labels like Fat Wreck Chords) on “Bewitched” and “Fade.” There are a few times where slower paced songs, “Sleepwalking,” “Parasites, or “Birds Eye View,” give you the opportunity for a quick breather from the faster paced, crunchy guitar driven alternative rock that they’ve made their signature. Though at times the album has an all over the place feel to it, it also skillfully pulls from a combination of all their past efforts to give their fans a little bit of what they expect from over here, a little bit of what they expect from over here, and a little bit of something fresh, exciting, and new running through the middle of it all – while most importantly, doing the trick to re-introduce Groovenics and all they have to offer!

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