EP Review: Inner 29 - Now and Again, Here

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Now and Again, Here

Indie Vision Music




The mass explosion of pop-punk music to the mainstream, especially in the late 90’s/early 2000’s with bands like Jimmy Eat World and Blink 182, led to a generation of kids world-wide finding an influence in this type of music; such as Santa Catarina, Brazil’s Inner 29, who is set to re-release their independent EP Now and Again, Here (November 22, 2019) through a new deal they’ve inked with Indie Vision Music. From the moment you hit play and “Inconsistency” gives you an intro chalk full catchy, spin around on-stage guitar riffs, their pop-punk influence is on display. Juxtaposing their guitar work against synth laced grooves throughout the EP, pulls you into the bouncy songs and keep you jumping along with them. The vocals are certainly unpolished, but that’s also a part of what adds an extra layer of charm to Inner 29 as they, perhaps not by design, allow these songs to carry a rougher feel around the edge ala the early pioneers of punk rock. However, when you dig deeper into the lyrics, you’ll find the true testament to what Inner 29 is all about; finding hope in God. Whether the group is singing about feeling stuck in the same place as they do on “Inconsistency,” or heartbreak as they do on “This Is The Last Time I’ll Dream,” they always seem to find a clever way to take these familiar pop-punk topics and twist them back to finding hope and a positive outlook when you turn it all over to God. By wrapping the familiar, radio-friendly vibe of the instrumentation around lyrics that can offer hopeful encouragement to listeners, it’s easy to see why Indie Vision wanted to help expand the reach of this promising 3-piece outfit.

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