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Every so often we’ll be approached by a band on our social media pages that sparks our interest and makes us want to know more about them. That was the case with Philadelphia’s Everlit. When we first heard their song “Afterglow” we were intrigued by their brand of guitar-drenched hard rock, so we dug further in and discovered great song after great song – “Immortal,” “Gravity,” and more! We had the incredible opportunity to talk with the band’s guitarist Jordan Panfil about the success of their songs, their upcoming single “Oh, Erica,” working in the studio with Taylor Larson and Spencer Sotelo, and much more!

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1. Congratulations on your track “Immortal” recently going over 100,000 streams on Spotify. Did you expect that song to be one that earned so much attention and why do you think it has?

First off, thanks! It is pretty cool to see that song pick up like it has.

To be honest, no that is not the song that we thought would have gone over the best out of everything we’ve released so far. I personally like heavier music and also have a deep-rooted influence from bands I grew up with in the Nu Metal scene so it’s cool to see that one of our edgier songs is getting the love. The intro guitar riff in this song is probably my favorite riff I’ve ever written, but I still didn’t see this as the song most people would start latching on to.

2. You have a new single coming out October 18, 2019, "Oh, Erica." Tell us about the song.

Alright . . . Well without going into too much detail the song is about America.  We used the idea of Marilyn Monroe and Medusa to describe our country.  She’s beautiful on the outside but cold and corrupt on the inside.

3. In what ways is "Oh, Erica" different then what your fans have heard from you in the past, but in what ways will it also be similiar?

The lyrics in the song are a bit different from our usual message.  We’ve never really made a “political” message before.  This song isn’t necessarily political because it’s not coming right out and saying that or telling people what to do / how to feel, but it’s definitely more in that direction that anything else we’ve done.

There’s also an eerie feel to the verses and some awesome guitar work by Anthony at the end. Has another level of talent / style that is similar to us, but hasn’t really been heard before.

4. You've been hard at work on some new songs over the past month or so. Besides "Oh, Erica" what other songs can people expect to hear soon from Everlit?

We have a handful of songs ready to go and just got out of the studio after recording 2 more.  We’ve been trying to release one every two months or so.  We’ve been doing a lot less touring so our goal was to just keep releasing music consistently that way we can stay somewhat relevant, keep or fans excited for a consistent flow or new music, and give us something to talk about.

I can also say one of soon to be released songs is a remake from one of our previous bands. That’s all I’ll put out there, but we’re stoked to drop it.

5. Will these new songs be released as singles only or part of an EP/album? If part of an EP/album, when can fans expect it to drop?

Everything is being released as singles.  However, we will put together the full-length once all the singles are out, so fans have the ability to buy the physical version of what was intended to be the full album. It will have unique art that is different from all the art the singles are accompanied with.

6. You work with producer Taylor Larson. What does Taylor bring to the the studio that keeps you working with him?

Taylor is just incredible at what he does. He’s an awesome dude and a crazy good musician. He also nails our sound. Right from the first song we did with him we saw the outside ear and creativity he brings and the ability to deliver the type of recording that actually sounds like who we are.

There’s really no need or desire to work with anyone else.  If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!

7. You also worked with Spencer Sotelo on the production of the vocals. Why did you choose to bring in Spencer for this role?

Yea, that was awesome. Spencer is an insane vocalist, incredibly good at producing vocals and easy to work with. It was actually Taylor’s idea to work with him on the latest batch of songs. They’ve worked together both recording Periphery and also writing and performing with From First to Last.

Being able to work with a vocalist who you admire and respect and who’s vocals align right with your genre was a no brainer.

He might also be featured on one of our upcoming releases.  You never know . . .

8. How did working with each of them help bring something out of you that otherwise may not have been included in your music this last time around?

When you work with talent like Taylor and Spencer there’s just no way new things won’t come out. They have amazing ears and the talent to make things happen quickly before ideas are lost.

9. Your fans have quite a few favorite songs of yours: "Immortal, "Gravity," etc What is your personal favorite song of yours and why?

As mentioned in the beginning of the interview, my favorite track is “Immortal”.  It has my favorite guitars that I written of all the released songs to date. The vocals, drums, bass . . . everything really came together to make the songs super sick.

I will say, I have a new favorite track. It’s our heaviest yet. But it’s not released yet. So, stay tuned.

10. We’re all about helping the next generation at, so we always end all our Q&A’s with this question. What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is just starting out with their first band today?

Yea, that’s a good question. The music industry is really tough. And there’s really no one way to ensure that your project will work out or be successful. What works for one band most likely won’t work for another.  I feel like there’s a lot of uphill battles and negativity around the rock scene and for up and coming bands.

The only thing I can say is just do what you want. It’s good to be professional and network and do all the things to further the band, but it’s better to have fun and write music you love. 


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