Single Review: Julia Bhatt - "Tall"

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New artist’s come along every day with new music for us to listen to. Some of it’s good, some of it’s bad, and some of it leaves us saying that was a solid first effort and I want to see where they go from here. Not too much of it has us saying, “That was great! What just hit me?” But that’s exactly what 17-year old Julia Bhatt has done with her debut single “Tall.” The beginning effects, even before the Latin-infused indie pop beat kicks in, are reminiscent of an old timey speakeasy and transport you back in time, if only for a moment, before Bhatt begins to spit out lyrics that wrap around her truly unique voice and captivating style. Before you even realize what just hit you, you are bopping along with the catchy chorus. But by the second, third, and fourth listens, I was finally able to dig into the lyrics a little bit deeper and find something truly amazing – something that I like to call a “Facebook” type of posting – meaning that Bhatt writes from the perspective as if she is talking to someone else and encouraging them with lyrics such as, “You’ve hardly lived at all, the seconds are ticking away,” “I’ve seen you around town, you’re looking kind of helpless,” and “I’ve seen you around town, you’re looking kind of scared,” when perhaps, it’s just her truly clever way of disguising the need to motivate herself without exposing her own complicated issues. It’s hard to come up with something that is so outside of the box and uniquely original, while still maintaining a likeable factor (most get too artsy) and having something strong to say. Julia Bhatt has accomplished all of that and more on her debut single “Tall.”

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