Single Review: Weezer - "The End Of The Game"

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The End Of The Game

Atlantic Records




Not to be outdone by their tour mates, after the announcement was made that Weezer would be part of the Hella Maga Tour in 2020 with Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and The Interrupters, they also announced the release of their new album Van Weezer coming in May of 2020, and gave fans the lead single “The End Of The Game.” If you’ve ever seen Weezer perform in concert over the years, then you’ve also noticed how incredibly influenced they are by 80s rock music whenever they’d add in some extra guitar noodling during their songs or in between them. With “The End Of The Game,” this influence, which has generally only been reserved for their live performances, shines brightly from the onset as the Eddie Van Halenesque (note the album title here) guitar lick pulls you into a catchy, poppy song that sees Rivers Cuomo pining over a unreciprocated love – one that has been seemingly lost, or perhaps never even began, as this line in the bridge alludes to, “ all I want is to be wanted by you.” Cuomo gives us several great lines, Easter eggs if you will, such as, “I’m on an island with no sun” (pulling a twist on something from their own past hit), “You got me cryin’ like when Aslan died” (a reference to The Chronicles of Narnia), and “I was Mick and you were Marianne” (comparing what they had to that of The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger and singer/songwriter Marianne Faithful). Weezer has given us a song that has taken their ultra-fun live show moments and put them on record allowing for their inner rock stars to shine, while also very wisely playing it close to what we’ve come to know from the band’s overall signature sound.

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