Single Review: Broadside - "King of Nothing/Empty"

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King of Nothing/Empty

Victory Records




With the release of their sophomore album Paradise in 2017, Broadside elevated their music to a whole new level and delivered to a scene who were anxiously awaiting their new music after witnessing stellar performances from them on Warped Tour the year before. A few short years later and Broadside is tiding over their fans with two new songs in 2019, “King of Nothing” and “Empty,” before returning to the studio to work on their next album. “King of Nothing” is a turn of sorts for the otherwise modern pop-punkers as it carries a moody, darker feel to it as Ollie Baxxter sings of the internal struggles and confusions we face during the battles with the voices in our own head: “the voice inside my head is saying down,” “Silence in my head is getting louder now,” “Paranoia mixed with white clouds,” etc. In contrast, “Empty” offers the fans something that they’d otherwise expect. The 80s infused pop-punk song leans on the signatures we heard on Paradise and is chalk full of light-hearted catchiness and a synth driven pop groove; something that makes perfect sense when you consider that Baxxter has stated, “I wanted to write a dance-y song.” On it, he uses his lyrics to creatively express the loneliness that comes with a break-up and explores whether falling in love is ever really a good thing if you knew you were only going to fall apart. These two songs couldn’t be more different from one another and maybe that’s exactly the point. As Broadside readies their next album, they’ve left us wondering if “Empty” was more or less a nod to where they were, while “King of Nothing” is a glimpse into where they’re going, or will both elements be infused on the next album? Only time will tell which direction they go from here, but either way, Broadside has effectively gotten people anxiously awaiting their new music yet again!


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