Single Review: Assuming We Survive - "Too Close"

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Two Close

InVogue Records



For almost a decade now, Assuming We Survive has been able to steadily build a strong fanbase not only through their incredible live shows, but by also capturing the raw energy they bring to the stage whenever they head into the studio. The new single “Too Close,” the first since signing with InVogue Records, continues to deliver as the band takes the next step forward on their path. The toe-tapping drum beat instantly grabs your attention during the intro and continues to intrigue throughout the ultra-catchy song, while the guitar licks help capture the franticness of the panicked lyric. Lead singer Adrian Estrella handles the rest of pulling the emotion out of the song with his outstanding delivery of the “head the warning of falling in love with me” type of lyric. He uses the verses to talk about himself and what it’s like to be inside his head: “I think I’m going crazy and my mind’s not thinking clear,” “I cannot make sense of the state that I’m in,” and “I think I’m fine but I am damaged.” The chorus, however, flips the script and acts as the warning to the one who he’s already obviously hurt before: “If I were you I wouldn’t get too close,” “You’re better off if you go, better stay clear,” and “The ones I love are the ones that I hurt the most – don’t get too close.” The bridge offers a change of pace in the melody as it drops away from the energy and allows him to poetically compare how he’s feeling to being trapped in a prison cell. It’s easy to see why Assuming We Survive has garnered attention the way they have. “Too Close” takes you on a journey from start to finish through an incredible combination of the instrumentation and emotionally charged vocals perfectly suiting the lyric, and those elements are what leave you listening to the song repeatedly because you just can’t get enough.

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