Single Review: Tsunami Bomb - "The Hathors"

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The Hathors

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Tsunami Bomb was a name synonymous with the punk rock scene in the early 2000’s thanks to high-profile tours, slots on several Warped Tours, and their singles “Take the Reins” and “Dawn On A Funeral Day.” But that was then, and this is now! Since reuniting in 2015, the group that’s now led by singer Kate Jacobi, has only given us glimpses with a compilation of rarities in 2016 (Trust No One) and a two-song single in 2018. With the announcement of their forthcoming full-length The Spine That Binds (releasing November 2019), their first album in 15 years, the popular group has given us our first taste of it with “The Hathors.” Addressing the elephant in the room, Jacobi is not former lead singer Emily Whitehurst, but at the same time why should we expect her to be? What Jacobi does bring to the table is a raw, rough around the edges feel that perfectly helps encompass the “overcoming the doubt” lyrics that “The Hathors” offers. We all have that naysayers in our lives who focus on telling us what we can’t do, and those are usually the voices that stick in our heads and eventually keep us down. This song is about facing those voices and retaliating against them with honest lyrics such as, “If you could only read between the lines, you’d see that I’m not broken I’m just flying blind,” and “You were the voice inside of my head, making me doubt everything that I said” – the latter alluding to the past tense with “were,” seemingly stating that perhaps, the voices are no longer holding her back. “The Harthors” is dark, moody, and what you’d expect from Tsunami Bomb. Only time will tell if people will get over the fact that there’s been a change to the band’s lead singer, but if they can get out of their own way, they might rediscover a band they love just as their next chapter is about to unfold.

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