Single Review: Never Loved - "Down"

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Equal Vision




The past year (give or take) for Florida based alternative rock group Never Loved has been quite the whirlwind. They signed a deal with Equal Vision, released their first ever single “Dead Inside,” was named by Billboard as one of their 17 Alternative and Indie Breakouts for 2019, and followed all that up with the release of their self-titled EP, and their single “Where Do I Go From Here.” They now return with their new single “Down,” a song that looks at the frustrating uncertainties of love and relationships. Tucked within a moody, darker alternative/pop feel that truly compliments the indecisiveness of the lyrics, lead vocalist Camm Knopp weaves you through his conflicting, oftentimes anxiety fueled emotions, with lines throughout the verses such as, “I don’t know what I’m looking for - I feel you in my blood and heart,” “I’m always scared that this will fall apart,” or “I don’t know what I’m doing here.” However, once you slide into the chorus you see exactly where his insecurities are coming from when he sings of the feelings his “better” half is leaving him with; “I hate that I’m building you up, when you’re breaking me down.” The story is simple and has been told time and time again – I’m in this relationship 100%, but you’re making me feel like you aren’t and now I’m filled with uncertainty. But it’s Never Loved’s ability to take the familiar story and turn into something chalk full of emotion - from both the moody music and within the depth of the vocals - that elevates this song to an entirely new level and will have you chomping at the bit for what comes next from this hot rising group.

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