Single Review: Jimmy Eat World - "All The Way (Stay)"

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All The Way (Stay)

RCA Records




Although their album Clarity has earned them acclaim over the years since its initial release, Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American is still hailed as their breakout album as it placed them on the mainstream charts with 4 top-20 singles including “The Middle.” Though it’s been a few years since the group has returned to the mainstream Top 20, with their brand new single “All The Way (Stay,)” they give us a strong contender for that type of chart success while also giving us a glimpse at their 10th studio album Surviving (Release Date: October 18, 2019). The catchy, radio friendly guitar pulls you into the song, while the simple drum beat instantly gets your toes tapping along with it. As these give way to the lyrics, we see Jim Adkins delivering a familiar story and emotion that we’ve all felt before – when we meet someone new of the opposite sex and have a connection, do we pull the trigger and allow them to see past our walls or do we write the chance meeting off with the typical excuse of “this is someone I’m only meeting in passing”? In the case of these lyrics, the place is a bar and the time is early in the day. Adkins weaves us through the emotions of what we hope to find by going to these types of places to meet someone while battling with ourselves – something we hear on lines such as, “but how am I supposed to know when to let the feelings show?” or “we get discouraged by the pointlessness, and we’re pretty quick to judge things pointless.” Just like in a real life, this never really resolves the story of whether the walls are broken down, even when it’s just the two of them left at the bar – and the fact that it doesn’t is what makes this so easily connectable for the listener who has no doubt experienced this same type of chance meeting with no end result.

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