Single Review: Bayside - "Bury Me"

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Bury Me

Hopeless Records




Since their debut album in 2004, Sirens and Condolences, Bayside has been giving us their brand of darker, pop-punk that stands proudly in a sub-genre alongside of, but also rivals the likes of Alkaline Trio and Brand New. With “Bury Me,” the new sampling from their 8th studio album Interrobang (releasing October 4, 2019), Bayside takes something we’ve only seen from them in small spurts and allows it to dominate the song instead of sitting in the background – metal influences! This song is rowdy from the get-go as the guitar riff chugs you through the opening few seconds before giving way to a drum/guitar combo that will have you swinging your long hair in a circle with the horns raised up in the air. Lead vocalist Anthony Raneri’s voice automatically injects the song with a familiar dark tone that suits the lyrics as he questions, “Can people change in any meaningful way,” and “Can you really fool the world with a fresh coat of paint,” while later in the song describing that while music has the ability to save you “songs never love you back and you never know the person preaching to you.” But it’s the guitar work that separates “Bury Me” in so many ways from our own expectations of what Bayside’s music is all about. Between the verses, before the chorus, the guitars drop in with a riff that changes the dynamic of the song and reminds you that the guitars are still there while foreshadowing what’s still to come from them in the bridge – a bridge which sees them turn up the thrash side of their sound and then drive it home with a slick guitar riff to pull you back into the outro chorus. Bayside has given us a few different tastes of their new album, but “Bury Me” may be the strongest glimpse towards showing a more aggressive direction and things still to come as they open this next chapter of their careers.

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