Single Review: For The Win - "As Forever"

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As Forever

Victory Records




With their Victory Records debut in 2017, Heavy Thoughts, San Diego’s For The Win introduced their raw, heavier-branded pop punk to a wide listening audience while giving us a sound reminiscent of the mid-to-late 2000’s era of emo with big choruses and sing-a-long anthems. Their brand-new song “As Forever” sees them following along that same familiar road, which makes perfect sense since the song’s writing process started just as they were finishing the recording sessions for Heavy Thoughts. Tucked into driving guitars and rolling drumbeats are layers of emotionally charged lyrics that explore trying to understand the loss of a relationship and how to navigate through the hurt and pain of it to come out better on the other side. Lead vocalist Kyle Christensen drives us through the verses with lines that plead such as, “give me something more then living in this shell,” with those that ponder questions such as, “will I make it out alive, the clock is ticking and I’m running out of time.” All perfectly designed to lead us into the chorus, which in its simplicity will also have you instantly screaming a long with it as he sings, “There’s no such thing as forever.” However, buried within the truth of that line from the chorus, comes the realization that he will make it through what he is feeling in this moment as he sings in the second verse, “I know there’s something better out there for me, I’ll hold my head up high,” and furthers those realizations in the bridge; “I’m seeing everything clearly now, a new strength to start over.” “As Forever” is a clear-cut anthem for the broken hearted who are trying to find the strength to move forward from it, but it’s also a great re-introduction to the music of For The Win and offers fans a glimpse of what’s next from them (and hopefully coming soon).

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