Single Review: Donaher - "Before Anyone Else"

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Before Anyone Else

Independent Release




With the release of their 2017 debut album, I Swear My Love Is True, the power-pop group Donaher instantly made a name for themselves and drew comparisons from the media to Weezer and The Lemonheads – both very fair assessments. They’re now set to give us our first look at what comes next with the release of their new single “Before Anyone Else.” The catchy, upbeat love song wastes no time in grabbing your attention as the song comes in hot, meaning there’s no intro, but rather they just go straight into the opening chorus and let the song unfold from there. Lead vocalist Nick Lavallee quirkily describes the way he feels about the one he’s lusting over as he sings of going from the bottoms of the earth, “I see you and me on a ship sailing the seven seas,” all the way to the moon and the stars, “transformed to a rocket, stars touching our knees” – all while swooning over her when he sings, “as long as I’m with you, I will feel at home.” The chorus is simple and to the point, making promises to not let go and to love her so if she’ll be his one and only. It also plays off the trendy “BAE” craze in the hook of the song/the title of it, “Before Anyone Else.” This is the type of song that is built to sing-a-long with and Donaher gives you to perfect moment to do so when they come out of the instrumental bridge of the song and leave only the vocals to carry the first line back into the outro chorus, “Be my one and only.” Rolling off the buzz of their debut album, Donaher continues to impress with “Before Anyone Else” as they open the next chapter of their careers with a highly addictive song that will have you singing it for days on end.

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