Single Review: Glacier Veins - "Talk"

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Equal Vision/Common Ground Records




What originally started as a solo project for Malia Endres, quickly earned buzz when she combined forces with her musician friends, and together as Glacier Veins, they released their debut EP Clear Your Head; introducing the listening audience to an alt. rock band that was focused on creating deep lyrics and finding the right emotions to deliver their impact. They continued earning strong acclaim with the release of their EP Dreamspace in 2017, and it’s all led to their recent signing with Equal Vision Records and the release of their new single “Talk.” Endres’ vocals innocently wind us through an uneasy conversation with her better half who has seemingly cheated, or at the very least done something very wrong, as she displays when she asks on the opening line, “Said it was it an accident, okay but did you mean it?” She delivers just the right hints of anger to convey that she knows she’s losing him, but that she’s also still fighting to hold on to what she already knows in her heart is gone. The steady build throughout the verses lead to a powerful chorus that pulls you directly into the moment she’s losing him; “Is there space for me at all? You know that’s what I want.” The guitars carry a heavy load in this song, especially over the bridge where they convey the depth of the frustration, confusion, and anger sans any vocals. “Talk” continues to showcase Glacier Veins masterful lyrics, but also shows how each member plays a vital role to delivering the emotion of them through their respective instruments, knowing all the right places to drive things home, but exactly when to pull back and allow the vocals to take over the emotion.

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