Single Review: Janet Devlin - "Confessional"

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Janet Devlin is certainly no stranger to music lovers. She gained a loyal following when she appeared on the UK’s version of the X Factor in 2011 and continued to grow that following through social media giant YouTube, where she became one of the UK’s most influential creators with over half a million subscribers. She now re-emerges with her brand-new song “Confessional,” an Irish folk song that highlights her strong voice, powerful lyrics, and gives us a glimpse into the next step of her career path. This is everything you’d want from a traditional type of Irish folk song, albeit one that’s spruced up for the modern era. There’s a whimsical feel to it, in part due to the use of traditional instruments (uilleann pipes, accordion, fiddle, etc.), but it’s all masterfully crafted around darker lyrics that see Devlin looking inward for self-discovery by letting go of the past in order to move ahead. She sets the rest of the song in motion when she challenges with the opening line of how damaging holding things in can be, “There’s a secret on the tip of my tongue and it’s burning a hole between my lungs.” From here she loosely unravels her inner most confessions revealing that, “There’s no grace for what I’ve done,” “There’s so much sin for 21,” and so on, all leading to her asking for her soul to be redeemed in the chorus. Twisting and turning through the music industry has its series of ups and downs for any artist and can take its toll. Janet Devlin experienced all of that, but with “Confessional,” she declares that she’s overcome it and is coming back to music on her own terms. Her highly anticipated second album is due out in early 2020 and according to Devlin herself, “Confessional” isn’t really a proper single, but just “the first piece of a larger puzzle” as the entire concept album is a series of raw, honest confessions that lay everything out on the table.

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