Single Review: Thornhill - "Where We Go When We Die"

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Where We Go When We Die





Australia has become quite the hot bed for finding solid, hard-edged rock music as of late, and among those acts is Thornhill. They started to really make their mark with the release of their 2018 EP Butterfly, but with anticipation already building for their forthcoming album The Dark Pool (out October 25, 2019), thanks in part to lead single “Nurture,” they’ve turned everything up a notch with the release of the albums second single, “Where We Go When We Die.” Vocalist Jacob Charlton sings a deep lyric that forces you to dig further into it with each listen to uncover the message of respecting the earth around us that we are freely given to live within. Cleverly he calls us out, almost from the point of view of Mother Earth, by simply asking questions of us such as, “If I die would you make it work?” or “If I burn would you let me die,” before pointing the mirror toward ourselves and spewing several direct truths that force us to take a hard look inwards; “You speak of paradise like it exists forever,” and “Take a look at me and tell me what you see.” Musically and vocally, though, this is anything but straight-forward as it combines several different elements from several different genres into one jam packed song. There’s a hard-driven edge to the opening verse, but as the song moves forward this drops off into an airy/floaty feeling, before injecting a screamo, almost but not quite metalcore feel into the choruses. This is heavy, this is atmospheric, this is Thornhill! And if this song is any indication of what else we can expect from The Dark Pool, then Thornhill has an album on the way that is going to take them forward to a whole new level.

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