Single Review: Dream State - "Twenty Letters"

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Twenty Letters





After offering several looks with recent singles “Open Windows,” Primrose,” and “Hand in Hand,” Dream State is inching closer and closer to the release date of their first full-length album Primrose Path (out October 18, 2019). With one more effort to ride the buzz into their album release, they give us our final glimpse into the new album with “Twenty Letters,” the ultra-personal single that allows us to come directly into a monumental life moment that put lead singer CJ Gilpin at the confusing cross-roads of life. Gilpin uses her voice to convey all the proper emotions at all the right times; the pain and fear of holding on to the unknown; “I’m holding on to hope and I just can’t let it go,” the frustrations of understanding what’s been holding you back and coming to terms with it; “I used to want to run, but now I never want to let it go,” and the overcoming of it; “I learned to walk alone and hold my own, and I’m feeling better in a new direction.” The moodiness of the instrumentation through the intro and verses pulls you directly into the emotion of the lyrics before allowing the guitars to infuse the direct hit they need to as they amp up at the perfect moments leading into their chance to shine as they eclipse the frustration of the lyrics as she screams out, “Done, yeah I’m done!” In a world where it seems so easy to point the finger at someone else, “Twenty Letters” reaches out through the speakers to harshly remind anyone who’s feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders or carrying an unnecessary burden with them through life, that the person who has to make the change is the one who is reflecting back at them from the mirror.

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