Single Review: Point North - "Heartbeat"

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Hopeless Records




Was there ever a better time for the indie and punk rock music scenes then the early 2000’s? There seemed to be a perfect marriage between what fell on the emo side of the line with that of the pop-punk fueled side of it, which gave an entire generation of kids something to call their own. Quite similarly, Point North is doing that very thing for today’s generation with their brand-new single “Heartbeat” – their first release since signing with Hopeless Records. Lead singer Jon Lundin takes you through lyrics that sing of relying on all the stereotypical methods the world suggests as a cure to feeling better when your down, even though they never seem to work: “ Gave me a pill and said it’d help with my head,” or “Maybe some therapy could do yourself good.” In the middle of these half-hearted attempts to find a solution to the issues, you’re often left feeling even less fulfilled than before – something Lundin touches on when he pleads, “Is there something you could do to save me?,” and “Am I alive or am I not?” All of this, though, is designed to lead you to the realization that being exactly who you are, is exactly what you should be - flaws and all - with his eureka moment coming when he sings out, “Maybe there’s a chance for me without the parts I need.” The instrumentation throughout the song, though it picks its spots to shine, is simply there to accompany the vocals and allow the emotions wrapped within them to carry the lyric and stand in the spotlight. “Heartbeat” is the type of song that will resonate with an entire generation of today’s youth who are not always comfortable being who they are meant to be. This song is their anthem!

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