The Scene (#1): What are the articles in "The Scene" all about?

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My wife and I host a “family dinner” every couple of weeks at our house. Somehow, probably because everyone knows that I’ve been involved with it for the past 23 years, the topic always circles back to music.              

“Do you like this band or that band?”

“What do you think of such and such’s new song?”

Nothing all that mind-blowing, but rather just simple, run of the mill questions and conversations.

However, my cousin’s best friend asked me something that intrigued me at the last gathering. A question that I hadn’t ever been asked before.

“So how did you even get started with the punk rock scene?”

Not only haven’t I ever thought about it, but as my mind raced, I quickly realized how loaded of a question that is. The articles that I will be publishing in this section of - The Scene - are a gathering of my personal stories of how I discovered the punk rock scene and how it changed my life!

These may be my stories, but I believe we all have one to tell and although the moments that impact us the most, the venues we frequent, and the bands we see perform in our local areas may be different, our stories are all the same at their core. We’re all looking to be a small part of something and experience a feeling of belonging that isn’t easily explained to an outsider.

I live by the motto, “We must first look back in order to look forward.” With that idea in mind, my hope is that you’ll frequently stop by and find something in my stories that you can relate to your own, but that they’ll also be an inspiration to showing you how important a local scene can be in today’s modern era.

Check back for the next article in just a couple of weeks to see how three days in August of 1994 were the three days that started it all for me!

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