Interview: Reunions

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There are several key factors that play into why a band has staying power in a constantly changing scene, but raw honesty is the touch that can nearly guarantee it. That’s the defining factor of what Reunions has given us over the past few years with each of their releases, but with their debut full-length album Winter Heart, Summer Skin, the group has taken it to an entirely new level. We recently had the chance to catch up with guitarist/vocalist Eric Saylor and chat with him about the new album, how it compares to 2017’s Aching Waits, their song “Light Left On” and the music video for it, what’s coming up next from the group, and much more!

Album Review: Winter Heart, Summer Skin

1. Back in June (2019), you released your debut full-length album Winter Heart, Summer Skin. Tell us a little bit about the album. What can listeners expect from it, etc.

We spent the better part of two years working on it. We’d released a couple of EPs but found ourselves with a lot of songs we liked so figured we’d see if a full length came together. We don’t get to practice as much as we’d like so we make sure to record everything when we do. That led to hammering out rough demos early on that we all worked on separately to work into full songs over time. I think each of us expressed at some point always wanting to work on songs like that but always being the only one in the band. It’s cool that we’re all nerdy about that in the same way.

2. For your longtime fans, what will hear from this album that has similarities to 2017’s Aching Waits, but what will they hear that’s a bit different and showcases your growth as a band?

I think it’s a more developed sense of what we do that we started to hit on Aching Waits with us trying some different things.  A song like “An Endless Night, A Century” is something really different for us but I loved it from the time Nate sent it out as just a guitar demo.

3. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Scott Goodrich at Nutone Studios. Why did you feel that Scott was the perfect fit for the direction you were wanting to go with this album?

Our first show was with Scott’s band, Daydream. I don’t remember if we actually met that night, but we played some other shows after that and asked him about working on Aching Waits. We had such a great time making that, we knew Scott was the only person we wanted to work with on this.

4. What did Scott bring to the studio that helped shape your sound and give the album a defining signature that may not have otherwise been there?

He puts a lot of thought into what a band sounds like and what approach would achieve the best representation of that. We knew going into Aching Waits what sound he was going for and were on the same page. He’s also super easy-going but honest about when you can do a better take. I think people underappreciate how important it is to tell someone that they’ve done a shit job. He also fixed the chorus to “Slow Fade” in the studio. We were making it too hard. He simplified it and made it my favorite chorus on the record.

5. Early on, you released “Light Left On” as a first representative of the album. Why did you feel this song was the best way to introduce the new music?

I think it’s one of the first songs we wrote that ended up on the record. It’s another one we all liked from the first time we heard it and it ended up capturing what we want to do really well. Also worked really well as a snapshot of a lot of the lyrical themes.

6. You also made a music video for the song. Tell us a little about the video; the concept, how it all came together, etc.

Oh man, that’s all Shane. He made a video for “Aching Waits” that we were really happy with so we knew we wanted to do another one for the new record. He does all that himself with a single camera. Takes a million of shots of everybody from different angles and magicians it all together.

7. For someone who hasn’t picked up a copy of the album yet, which two songs from it would you recommend them checking out first and why?

“Past Present Future Perfect” and “An Endless Night, A Century.” I guess those are probably the poles of the record. Our most and least optimistic songs.

8. Although every song probably holds a special place for different reasons, which one song from the album stands out as your personal favorite and why?

I’m probably alone in the band with this, but “Slow Fade.” I just think it’s a really fun song and something we don’t do much of.

9. With the album having been released 6 months ago, what’s next for Reunions? Is there new material in the works, a tour, etc?

We’ll see. We live on opposite coasts, but we’ve still been writing songs. We’ve talked about doing some short, regional things.

10. We’re all about helping the next generation at, so we always end all our Q&A’s with this question. What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is just starting out with their first band today?

Always do things how you want to do them. Nobody is getting famous. Make art that makes you happy. Support your friends. Punch Nazis.


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