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Eliza & The Delusionals are certainly not strangers to the indie rock music lovers in their homeland of Australia, but with their latest single “Just Exist,” they’ve made their first big splash on the U.S. audience - something the group will continue doing in February 2020 as the support act for Silvershun Pickups on the West Coast leg of their tour. We recently had the chance to catch up with the group’s frontwoman, Eliza Klatt, and chat about the new single, the success they’ve had with it on SiriusXM’s Alt Nation station, their recent U.S. radio tour, their upcoming gigs with Silvershun Pickups, and much more! Make sure to check out the music video for “Just Exist” at the end of this Q&A or click on the link below the photo!

Photo by: Matt Walter

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Music Video: "Just Exist"

1. You recently released your U.S. debut single “Just Exist.” Tell us a little bit about the song; where the lyrics came from, what people can expect from it, etc?

I wrote “Just Exist” about the balance of feeling depressed and being inspired by those feelings. I think the best thing about this song is that so many people have connected to it in their own way. I’ve read reviews and comments of people’s interpretations of the lyrics and I think that’s really cool. 

2. What was it about “Just Exist” that made you feel like it was the best way to first represent your music to the U.S. audience?

It was recorded at a point where we were going through a lot of changes as a band and in our personal lives. It was a bit of a fresh sound for us and something different - it just felt right for it to be the first US release. 

3. For your longtime fans who know you from your Deeper End EP and previous singles “Jackie” and “Half Empty Girl,” in what ways does “Just Exist” show your growth as a band and songwriters in comparison to those release, but also, what similarities will they hear between this song and what they already know from you?

I think it’s just something different from us. It’s the next step for our sound. I think we’ve grown from the experiences and hard times we went through right before we recorded the song as well. I guess what makes it similar is that it’s us, and it’s our lyrics and guitar riffs and things like that!

4. We must congratulate you on the breakout success of the single earning so many streams and landing at the #1 position on SiriusXM’s Alt Nation station. Did you expect the song to have such a quick amount of success and why do you think it has?

We definitely didn’t expect any of it - it’s really a dream come true. Being so far away from the US at home, we really lived the experience through comments on social media and I think people have really connected with it in their own ways which is really special.

5. You worked with producer Kon Kersting on “Just Exist.” Why did you feel that Kon was the best fit for this role?

We’ve worked with Kon in the studio before. He’s really great to work with, and I think he brings the best out of our songs when we get into the studio. It just felt right to work with him for this release.

6. What do you feel Kon brought out of you as artists the most during the recording that help you further discover the sound you were going for with “Just Exist” that might not have been there otherwise?

I think he really helped define the sound. We sent him a bunch of “influences” which was fairly broad, but he was able to get the parts we loved of each influence and bring those ideas out in our songs.

7. You’ve been making the rounds at radio this month (December 2019) with the song and performing some at them as well. What has that experience been like? How receptive have they been to the song?

It’s been really amazing to meet the people that have helped make things happen for us here. Everyone has been so kind to us and welcoming. We weren’t sure what to expect really as we live so far away and it’s vastly different from home, so feeling really welcomed was a big thing for us.

8. It was recently announced that you will be supporting Silvershun Pickups on the West Coast leg of their tour in 2020. What does it mean to you to be picked for a spot like this on a tour of that magnitude?

I’ve personally been listening to the band since I was 14 or 15 years old. We honestly couldn’t believe the venues on the tour as well. It’s honestly something we’ve dreamt about - it’s always been a goal, but we didn’t think we’d reach it at this point of our career.

9. For the people coming out to those shows who may only know you from “Just Exist,” what can they expect to get from your live show that only listening to the single doesn’t offer them?

I like to think we’re high energy and lots of fun. We always have fun. I think live shows is probably one of the best parts of being in a band, especially when there’s a really good energy from the crowd.

10. We’re all about helping the next generation at, so we always end all our Q&A’s with this question. What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is just starting out with their first band today?

Always remember that no one will ever have their heart invested in your music as much as you will, so always do things in your best interest.


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