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There’s no doubt that bands face several unique challenges along the way, but where most end up calling it quits in the face of them, New Jersey’s Wave Break pushed headfirst straight into them and persevered through them. They’ve endured several lineup changes, jobs that overworked them, and other personal issues to come out the other side with their poignant, very honest, new single “Out Of Breath” – due out 2/7/20. We had the chance to check in with them and talk about the new single, its accompanying music video (due out 2/18/20), the adversity they’ve faced and overcome, what’s coming up next for them, and much more!


Photo by: Anthony Vito

Single Review: Out Of Breath

1. you’re getting set to release your brand new single “Out Of Breath” on 2/7/20. Tell us a little about the song. What can fans expect from it, what do the lyrics mean to you, etc.

Our new single is a very fast, dynamic and upbeat song, but also very honest in the lyrics. ‘Out of Breath’ refers to having a hard time being able to keep up with all the setbacks that happen in life, especially in your career. We wrote it about all the career roadblocks we’ve pushed through over the last year, particularly the lineup changes we’ve gone through since our debut EP came out.

2. You worked with Ryan Weil at Weilhouse Productions on this song. Why did you feel that he was the right producer to capture the sound you were going for with this song?

We were familiar with his past work and knew that the quality we would get from him was just as good, if not better, than most of the larger, more well-known and more expensive studios in the area. By going to him, we knew that we would be getting his undivided attention and that he’d put in the effort to make sure it came out perfect. We think the final product shows that.

3. You also have an accompanying music video for “Out Of Breath” releasing on 2/18/20. What can you tell us about the video’s concept?

We don’t want to give away too much, but the band scenes were shot in a bright and airy location to represent the place you wish you could get to when you’re feeling overwhelmed with your life and career (where you feel like you can breathe). There are other visual shots to represent the other side of that, where you are trying desperately to get to that place.

4. The music video was directed and produced by Kris Khunachak. In what ways did Kris’ creative input help enhance the video the most to deliver exactly what you wanted from it?

We were having trouble figuring out what kind of additional visuals to add in besides the band scenes, and we think what he suggested ended up working really nicely. His camera work and editing choices added a lot to the energy of the song too.

5. Let’s talk about some of the adversity you’ve faced over the past year and a half or so, starting with the lineup changes the band has had. It’s been said that with each change a band is set back 6 months. In what ways did these lineup changes affect the band most?

That’s definitely very true – with each change we had to slow down a bit. Every time we brought on someone new, whether they were a full member or a fill-in, we had to get them up to speed on the existing songs to be able to perform them. Because we were constantly spending time teaching the songs to new members, we kept having to put off writing new material together. We kept up fairly well with this for a while, up until this past summer, because we were at least still playing shows. After the most recent change we took a step back because we knew we needed to focus on getting some new material out. We also didn’t want to rush into finding new members again because the last few didn’t work out. When it happens, it happens. But we’re not going to let not having a full lineup stop us from making and performing music.

6. Besides lineup changes, there’ve also been some other obstacles and roadblocks as well. Tell us a bit about those and how you pushed through and overcame them.

The other obstacles we faced were more personal issues that made keeping up with the band difficult for a while until we managed to fix them; I know for me, I was in a job that overworked me and made it difficult to find time and energy to come home and write or do anything band-related most days. I ended up getting out though, so now here we are. Both of us have been going through other personal issues as well, but actively working through them to this day.

7. Besides all the obvious reasons that came with the answers to the earlier questions we asked, why did you feel that “Out Of Breath” was the right song to reintroduce your music to your fans with?

We felt that in addition to it telling the story of what the band has been through over the last year, it makes sense stylistically – out of all of our newest songs, this one felt like it was closest to our older material and would make a good ‘bridge’ to the songs that we will be putting out next. It’s also anthemic and catchy and we know it will be memorable.

8. In what ways do you feel your music has changed and evolved since the release of your debut EP Armory in 2018 that people will absolutely hear on “Out of Breath?”

Deeper, more honest lyrics with heavier subject matters, wider vocal ranges, more complicated instrumental parts in places, and more dynamic changes. Some of this is on “Out of Breath,” and there will be even more of it in the material we will be putting out next. We really wanted to start pushing ourselves musically now that we feel that we’ve found a sound that works for us, and just build on it and make it even more impactful.

9. What can people expect from Wave Break in the near future - after this single and video release. Are you working on new music? An EP? Album?

We’re finishing up writing a new EP and will begin demoing it and recording it as soon as we can! We’d love to be able to put it out before the end of 2020, so hopefully we manage to stick to that.

10. We’re all about helping the next generation at, so we always end all our Q&A’s with this question. What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is just starting out with their first band today?

Be honest with yourself. Tell your story. Write music that means something to you and makes you proud. Don’t try to be like anyone else – write, wear and say what comes to you naturally. People can tell when you’re being disingenuous. Just be yourself and the rest will follow.


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