Interview: Palomino Blond

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Since emerging with their self-released Demos EP in 2018, Palomino Blond has made a big splash on the Miami underground rock music scene and have started to build a strong grassroots following in the Southeastern US with live shows that have drawn Sonic Youth comparisons. We had the opportunity to chat with the band about the Miami underground rock scene, their brand new single “Damage,” their forthcoming split EP with Las Nubes, what their most looking forward to with playing iii Festival in Miami this May (2020) alongside The Strokes, and much more!


EP Review: Las Nubes/Palomino Blond Split EP

Single Review: "Damage"

1. You recently released your new single “Damage.” Tell us a little about the song; It’s lyrics, how it was written, etc.

Carli: I wrote that song before the band formed and brought it to Kyle, Jake, and Raven for finishing touches. It’s about some indecision I was facing and arguments that seem to be forgotten about despite how much they hurt. When I brought it to the band, we scrapped a long version of it and decided to make it truer to the fast punk nature of the song.

2.The song comes from your upcoming split EP with Las Nubes that’s due out in March. Why did you feel that of your two contributions to the EP, this song was the best first impression?

Carli: We decided it was quick, it was catchy, and commanded attention. There’s no way you can miss anything once it starts with those first two snare hits and lyrics. It jumps right into the action.

3. "7th Heaven" is your other song on the EP. What can people expect from that tune?

Kyle: It‘s a bit more mid-tempo and dreamy, so it balances with “Damage” really well! Creepy lyrics, incendiar guitars; I wanted the whole thing to sound like you’re in a haunted house.

4. If comparing your side of this project with that of Las Nubes, what will people hear as the major differences between your songs and theirs?

Carli: A big difference is that Las Nubes has a tune completely in Spanish! Another one is that Nubes have some cleaner guitar sounds on their single where ours is totally overdriven and crunchy. 

5. As different as your side of the EP is from theirs, what do you feel are the most comparable traits between each band that will make your fans dig them, and vice versa?

Kyle: We both put a modern spin on the idea of 90’s alternative! That element is pretty apparent with the fuzzy guitars and pulsing drums. The two sides balance really well too, because Las Nubes’s side sounds reflective, while our side sounds a bit more driving.

6. For your longtime fans, last year (2019) you released the single “Creature Natural” and an accompanying music video. In what ways do you feel your fans will most recognize your growth as songwriters, artists, and performers between that song and “Damage.”

Carli: Well, “Creature Natural” has more of a polished production sound where “Damage” is very raw. We recorded it with Nunez Amps and pedals too, so there is a very rich distortion sound that Jon Nunez created and captured for us. I also have a guitar solo in “Damage” that's really different from Kyle’s solo in “Creature Natural.” In all honesty though, this song has existed as long as the band has, so it’s not new at all for us!

7.This May (2020) you will be a part of Miami’s iii Festival. What are you most looking forward to with being a part of that? And why are you a must-see band on that lineup that people need to make sure to watch?

Carli: Two words...100 Gecs. I’d hope we are a must-see band as we’ll be putting on a really special show for that festival! It’s also our first time playing it! We’re really honored with it becoming a Miami staple these past couple years and the absolutely incredible headliners that are on this year. 

Jake: I’m very excited to perform at the festival here in our hometown in the heart of Wynwood alongside other amazing bands and artists. The overall experience is what I’m looking forward to.

8. On the subject of Miami; it’s your hometown and there’s a common misconception that Miami is all about pop, Latin, and party music. Can you tell us whether that’s a fair stereotype or not?

Carli: Miami has a heavy-hitting, eclectic scene. Sure, there’s party music (which I love) but there’s also insanely heavy bands like Torche, Holly Hunt, Cavity, Poison the Well; fun indie rock like Jacuzzi Boys, Plastic Pinks, The Polar Boys (with whom we share our drummer Jake), Mustard Service; rapper Denzel Curry used to play local backyard shows...There’s tons more than just pop, Latin, and EDM.

9. With the release of your split with Las Nubes, what do you hope it helps to show people about Miami’s underground rock scene that they may not otherwise even realize about it?

Carli: I hope it shows people that there’s more to Miami than just party music. There’s a very enthusiastic indie rock fan base here and it’s more than just dudes doing it (playing it, supporting it, photographing it, booking it). I hope people also realize it's insanely difficult to get out of Miami, so to any fans we have outside of Miami or the state of FL, we hope you buy our record, merch, and stream us so we can tour!!

10. We’re all about helping the next generation at, so we always end all our Q&A’s with this question. What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is just starting out with their first band today?

Carli: If you just started your first band today, I hope you’re having the time of your life first and foremost. Remember to tough it out when you get frustrated because if you feel emotional about something, it only means you care deeply. Record everything you write (this is possible in 2020, age of the iPhone). Collaborate with your bandmates and your scene. Maybe find another band you love and put together a split!


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