Single Review: Cold Moon - "Walk Out"

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Walk Out

Pure Noise Records




Whenever members of popular bands come together for a side-project, there needs to be some distinction between the two that makes the new project uniquely different so the listeners can look past the inevitable comparisons and see the project for what it is. That’s the case with Cold Moon – a band which features Will Levy of The Story So Far and Mike Ambrose from Set Your Goals. Since releasing their debut EP Rising earlier this year, fans have digested this new brand of post-punk from these familiar faces and have been clamoring for more. More has now arrived with their new single “Walk Out.” This stays in a softer slow to mid-tempo range from start to finish, which allows the lyrics to take center stage as they sing of how your past can dictate your future if it’s allowed to. Presumably singing about a relationship on the brink of ending, lead vocalist Jack Sullivan uses the vulnerability in his voice to convey the fact that he doesn’t want to leave it all behind as he sings, “And I don’t wanna walk on you,” while also trying to understand that, “if the fault lies in our past lives, may be nothing that we can do.” Piggy backing off the latter, he visualizes the past that is interfering with his current, and potentially future life, “All the friends that I’ve ever known and lost my shit with, and every girl that I’ve ever loved has come down to…” Sonically this teeters on the line somewhere between folksy and modern rock, while the lyrics aren’t cut and dry like so many are today, but rather can be dissected and interpreted in several different ways which leaves it open to how the listener needs to hear them in order to connect.

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