Single Review: Beware of Darkness - "Bloodlines"

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The indie rock genre is wide open right now encompassing a little bit of everything sound-wise from folksy rock such as Wilco, to more straight-ahead rock such as Cage The Elephant, The Killers, or The Artic Monkeys. Snuggly fitting somewhere in the middle that mix of music is Beware of Darkness. The group, fronted by Kyle Nicolaides, created quite the buzz with their debut album Orthodox and it’s follow-up Are You Real?, but it’s been radio silence since 2016 – until now! With the release of their new single “Bloodlines,” Beware of Darkness deliver upbeat, feel-good vibes that keep you bopping along, while also showcasing a fresh new direction as they open their next chapter and give us a taste of things to come in 2020. There’s plenty to love about this song; from the indie edged guitars that equally pull from pop and rock elements, to the incredible vocal range that Nicolaides shows as he moves from hitting higher notes at the end of the lines, “I’d do anything for you” and “you’d do anything for me,” to going a bit more gravelly with, “Feel the walls around my heart break.” However, it’s the lyrics that must be taken note of as this is a song that today’s generation needs right now. Plain and simple, this is a song about sticking with someone through thick and thin and supporting them for who they are - no matter what. With the lines “I feel the weight lift off my shoulders” and the aforementioned, “Feel the walls around my heart break,” Nicolaides also reveals the fact that when you truly stand by someone’s side, you’re not only freeing them, but you’re also freeing yourself. “Bloodlines” is crafted in such a way that it fits perfectly in the box of today’s popular left of the radio dial sound, but not so much that it won’t still stand uniquely out on its own within that box.

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