Single Review: Cro-Mags - "From The Grave"

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From The Grave

Victory Records




With the release of their 3-song EP Don’t Give In earlier this year, the Harley Flanagan led Cro-Mags re-introduced themselves to the punk rock world after a 19 year hiatus and proved that their brand of New York Hardcore is just as relevant today as it was throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. So how do you take what you do, elevate it to a new level while retaining your sound’s integrity, and move into your next chapter? In the case of Cro-Mags, you team up with a heavy-metal legend, guitarist Phil Campbell of Motorhead, on your new single “From The Grave.” As expected, the metal kissed hardcore sound you get the moment that you hit play and the guitars radiate from your speakers, is a perfect blending of two musical worlds colliding to create something special. The anthem type of lyrics follows suit of their previous release as they provide a shot on motivation as Flanagan spews, “don’t let anybody break you, don’t let nothing ever bring you down.” Though the vocals get buried at times and the lyrics get lost some in the mix, because of that, it allows you to simply sit back and let the drive of the guitars assault you until you feel it rattle your bones – showcasing the incredible work of Campbell. A new 3-song EP is due out December 6, 2019 from Cro-Mags and “From The Grave” is certainly only the tip of the iceberg of what Harley has hidden up his sleeve. When you look to the past generations who paved the way, you’ll find that they are still inspiring for many different reasons. In the case of Harley Flanagan, it’s his unmatched know-how of when to allow certain aspects of his songs to shine most, but also when to let other aspects descend more to the background and not stand in the spotlight overshadowing the power of the song.

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