Single Review: Simple Plan & State Champs (Feat. We The Kings) - "Where I Belong"

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Where I Belong

Coalition Music


No matter what genre of music it is, there’s always collaborations that get people talking. However, getting people talking seems to be the only reason that artists do most of these collaborations - In other words, there’s usually not a real point to them. The same cannot be said for “Where I Belong,” the new single from Simple Plan that sees them combining efforts with their upcoming tour mates State Champs and We the Kings and gives the fans an opportunity to anticipate a special moment at each and every show of the tour. Simple Plan has veered off in a few different directions over the years, trying something new at times, but with the opening line of this song being “I’m looking in the rearview mirror” wrapping around a familiar, straight-forward pop-punk sound, you’re refreshingly taken back to the Still Not Getting Any days – one of the band’s strongest era’s. This song is chalk full of energy and pulls you in with slick guitar licks and a drum beat that has you jumping along with it while pumping a fist in the air. However, lyrically this shines brightly. I often say that today’s generation of kids needs the types of songs that I had growing up in the early 2000’s. This is that song! This is someone finding out who they are through music and being okay with it; “I found a reason and suddenly I’m not so alone.I’m finally breathing like I never could on my own,” “I’m sorry that I can’t be perfect, but I’m not changing who I am,” and “I’ll let you in on one of my secrets, I’m still just as lost as yesterday, but it feels like home.” Simple Plan has always been a band you can count on to say something with their music (see songs such as “Crazy,” “Welcome To My Life,” or “Perfect”) and they deliver a strong message again with “Where I Belong” – not to mention, they successfully get us that much more excited about the tour with State Champs and We The Kings!

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