Single Review: Gravesend - "Lights"

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Bands break-up all the time; sometimes with good reasons, while other times not so much. Earlier this year (2019) PVMNTS, a very promising, up-and-coming act, suffered that familiar break-up fate leaving its lone remaining member Wilfredo Alexis Ramirez no choice but start over. With the release of “Lights,” his new project Gravesend has delivered a debut single that will excite the fans who have been eagerly anticipating this moment for months, while earning the critical acclaim (ahem…such as we’re about to do) that will place him back in the spotlight under the “very promising” banner. This lyric is simple and to the point; change is inevitable! This is something Ramirez states on the opening lines of the song as he laments, “This year has taken me from my stomping grounds and shrunk the world down.” However, as the age old saying goes, how we deal with the change is what will shape our next chapter. Reluctantly, and perhaps even a little dumbfounded, he continues unfolding the remainder of the story after unexpectedly meeting someone who would change his life (even with a distance between them); “And I told myself there’s no possible way, but you’re walking alongside me,” “Take away the light, it’s blinding me from a thousand miles away,” etc. Ramirez hits all the right emotions with his vocals to suit these lyrics, but more importantly the instrumentation builds perfectly alongside the slow frustration of the “being so far away from them” feel of the lyrics, getting heavier as he finally pleads, “I want you to know that you’re never alone, even though I can’t lie next to you.” Gravesend has given us a song full of emotions that anyone can relate to, but we have a feeling that as good as “Lights” is, it’s only the tip of the iceberg of things still to come.

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