Single Review: A Thousand Lights - "Love Song For The Lonely"

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Love Song For The Lonely

Independent Release




During the strong emo push of the early 2000’s, several bands were regarded as flagships for the entire movement; Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, and Finch…to name a few. Finch eventually joined the long list of bands who went on hiatus, reunited, broke up, reunited again, broke up again, etc. It was, however, during their reunions that Daniel Wonacott (also of Speak The Truth…Even If Your Voice Shakes) entered the picture, and after surviving the shakeups and breakups, he’s emerged out the other side with his brand-new solo project A Thousand Lights. “Love Song For The Lonely,” the title track of the forthcoming album, is our first glimpse into his emo/pop driven collection of songs still to come. He sings the familiar topic of losing someone you love and the broken heart you experience in the aftermath, but digging past the surface you’ll discover that this is also a song about reaching out through the understanding that “it takes a broken heart to know what love is” to find your healing. All the relatable lyrics you’d expect from a song of this topic are there; from the scene on that day being cloudy and grey, to a begging and pleading for them to come back. However, it’s the way this song’s melody and instrumentation is crafted that puts this on a whole other level. The second verse changes pace and adds a new element of depth to the songwriting as it speeds up when Wonacott sings, “But the rain kept pouring like a freight train coming, like my heart stopped beating for a second.” Then, from seemingly out of nowhere, the bridge drops in and offers a trippy, psychedelic 1960’s vibe that gives this song an additional layer. “Love Song For The Lonely” showcases incredible songwriting that isn’t afraid of taking chances, but most importantly, it masters the trick of getting us excited for what’s still to come from the full-length album release this November (2019).

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