Single Review: Motionless In White - "Brand New Numb"

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Brand New Numb

Roadrunner Records



Since releasing their debut album Creatures in 2010, Motionless In White has been carving out their path amongst the hard rock music scene with solid singles such as “LOUD (Fuck It)” and “Reincarnate,” and supporting slots on high profile tours with Alice Cooper, Halestorm, In This Moment, etc. Their unique fusion of metalcore and industrial kissed gothic punk has helped them resonate with fans across several genres. With “Brand New Numb,” the lead single from their fifth studio album Disguise, they connect with the outsider and showcase rising above the noise that surrounds you to discover who you are and where you belong. Though the music and instrumentation does maintain their signature grit, there’s also a cleaner, radio-friendly catchiness to it that keeps you bopping along with the verses until it pulls you into the fist-pumping pre-chorus and chorus that will have you screaming along: “I am the enemy,” and “I got a brand new, I got a brand new, I got a brand new, brand new numb.” Lyrically, this is retaliation of the good kid versus bad– the bully being defeated by the one he/she is bullying simply by them becoming stronger and learning to “numb” themselves to the situation because they know exactly who they are. This lyric goes against the ideas that the mainstream media constantly preaches of finding a safe space when you are faced with a tough situation, and comes at it from a different angle with an end result that sees you rising up to face your challenges – whatever those may be - and overcome them rather than shying away from them. A very relatable subject matter for the youth of today, matched with the unique style that Motionless In White is known for, and “Brand New Numb” delivers a recipe for success that has made this single one of their highest charting yet.

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