Single Review: Yearbooks - "Stepping Stone"

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Stepping Stones

Lost Music Collective




With the release of “Falling Backwards,” the lead single from their EP Stepping Stones, Yearbooks gave us a good nostalgic feel that took us back to a time when pop-punk and emo collided with each other in the early 2000’s to give us a great scene filled with bands such as Simple Plan, Taking Back Sunday, and more. Yearbooks has now returned with title track “Stepping Stones,” and has given us a song that still walks perfectly alongside that great scene of the early 2000’s, but also carries a deeper lyric that has us digging further into it. The echo effect on the vocals as the song opens adds to the desperation of the lyrics as lead vocalist Kevin Lietz sets the tone of the song with the opening lines, “Just give me time to explain myself, although as pointless as it seems, I’ll never figure it out.” The song then cranks up and kicks into gear, which of course means that some of the words inevitably get lost behind the catchiness of the music. But as you listen to the song more and more and start to dissect its words, you’ll find that this is a song all about pushing someone good out of your life, whether that’s a best friend or a better half, due to battling your own fears and anxiety that create your protective walls – something a lot of people struggle with today; “I’m a wreck, in distress and a codependent mess,” “You’ve done exactly what I’ve feared, you’ve gone away and left me here,” etc. On the surface, “Stepping Stones” is a modern pop-punk song that gives us the expected catchiness that a song of this style should. However, the lyrics are what makes this song so important for today’s younger generation as it could speak volumes towards letting them know they aren’t alone.

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