Single Review: Hawthorne Heights - "Machinehead"

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With the December release date of Lost Frequencies creeping up upon us, Hawthorne Heights have given their fans another taste of what’s to come from their collection of rarities and B-sides with the release of two new songs: an acoustic version of “The Perfect Way To Fall” and a cover of Bush’s “Machine Head” - the latter which really intrigued us. There’s two ways that a band can go about covering a very popular song that everyone’s heard a million times before; they can either reimagine it and completely make it their own, or they can honor the original by matching it nearly note for note as if to say thank you to the originators of the tune. Hawthorne Heights certainly honors the song by giving us that same catchy opening riff that you can’t help but rock along with every time you hear it on the radio. However, and certainly not by design, the group also manages to make this their own. While they don’t stray far from the melody or the familiarity of the song, because of JT Woodruff’s much smoother vocals (in comparison to those rougher edged of Bush front man Gavin Rossdale’s) this song packs an entirely different punch. The grittiness that fills Bush’s original version of the tune is somewhat replaced because of this, and it makes you listen to the song two or three times before the new, cleaner feel really starts to gel. It’s exciting to hear bands starting to give us covers of the alternative rock music that helped shape my personal path, and this one is no exception. Furthermore, it provides us with just another reason to get excited about the album that Hawthorne Heights is getting set to unleash.

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