Single Review: American Television - "Standing Still"

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Standing Still

Wiretap Records



The pop-punk genre has always been an attractive sound for the punk rocker to latch on to, whether it was when iconic bands such as The Ramones were leading the charge, Lookout Records gave us Green Day, The Queers, and Screeching Weasel in the 1990’s, or in the early 2000’s with bands like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte carrying the flag into the modern age. With their upcoming album Watch It Burn due out in January 2020, American Television is wasting no time in giving us a taste of it with their brand-new single “Standing Still.” Though their sound packs the punch with all the signature pop-punk elements of today’s era, there’s also a melodic undertone that helps add to honest, in your face lyrics. Plain and simple, this song is calling out anyone who is stuck in their past accomplishments instead of living in the here and now! They hammer this point home with several lines such as, “The world is changing you’re just standing still,” “You’re holding on to something now ten years gone,” and “You achieved all your hopes and dreams by the age of 22.” But whereas most songs would just leave it at that, American Television offers a solution when they sing in the chorus, “gotta free your mind, you’ll finally move on.” This is a great song for many different reasons. There are so many people that a lyric like this can speak to in today’s world and perhaps this song can be an influence for them to do something to change their perspective. There are also the elements of old school pop-punk meeting modern melodic punk to give American Television that attractive sound that is so easy to latch on to. Finally, and most importantly, “Standing Still” has left us wanting more, which is exactly what this single was supposed to do – get us excited for the forthcoming album!

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