Single Review: Blitz Vega - "LA Vampire"

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LA Vampire

This Feeling




Following the release of their buzzworthy singles “Hey Christo” and “Lost and Found,” Blitz Vega, the duo comprised of Andy Rourke of The Smiths and Kav (former Happy Monday’s), have returned with their brand-new single “LA Vampire.” The signature brit-pop sound that they gave us on their previous singles is still well in play with this tune, however, the addition of the prominent guitar licks blends in a psychedelic feel that mirrors that of the late 1960’s sound smashing together with a dose of the classic rockers of the 1970’s. But it’s the lyrics that makes this one feel like it’s the most personal to the band, while also acting as a warning to anyone looking to delve into the entertainment industry. They draw comparisons between vampires and the industry powers that be, talking of how they both attack their naive prey with lyrics such as, “sucking blood from the young ones,” “coming out in the dark,” and “collecting souls.” Los Angeles, where Blitz Vega calls home, isn’t much different than our own backyard of Nashville. Both towns are fueled by the entertainment industry, but are run by those who’ve packed up their lives to follow their dreams and are out there pounding the pavement day in and day out; some finding great success, others finding none, but each a crucial part of the fabric that makes the town tick. At its core, that is who “LA Vampire” is truly for. Blitz Vega isn’t telling you don’t go for it, but rather they’re telling you to know who to surround yourself with and more importantly, who you need to avoid.

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