Single Review: Grave Danger - "Undead End Job"

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Undead End Job

Spooky Action Records




When you think of Halloween, there’s certain bands who you automatically associate with the holiday: The Damned, The Misfits, etc. Though ska music doesn’t necessarily come to mind, much because it’s known for a peppier, upbeat sound, the unique idea to combine the classic ideals of The Misfits with modern era ska is exactly why Grave Danger works; something they showed us on their 2018 debut Let ‘er Rip. This past week, just in time for Halloween 2019, they’ve released their new EP Tomb It May Concern after giving us our first taste of it with “Undead End Job.” It’s a simple formula really; take an outstanding horn section, couple it with heavy use of organ and synthesizer, and mix it all together with a deep, darker toned vocal to give it a raw, spooky sound that is uniquely their own. But finding a way to stand out as unique is only half the battle because you still must manage to relate with your listener. This is where Grave Danger truly shines. Who hates their job? I think it’s safe to say that if you don’t hate it, then you tolerate it and find excuses to put up with it more so then you love it. This is the exact core that this song strikes; “I wake up every night, punch my way through the dirt, just to drag my lifeless body to work,” “I don’t feel like I’m a lucky stiff, cause I got stuck with the graveyard shift,” etc. Can you relate to this? Grave Danger appropriately calls their sound “skath” – a combination of ska and gothic driven punk - But as “Undead End Job” proves, their unique sound may be what makes you listen initially, but the relatability factor of the lyrics keeps you coming back for more.

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