Single Review: Introvert - "Somewhere Else"

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Somewhere Else





Introvert released their single “December” in late 2017 and blasted onto an unsuspecting rock scene who met them with critical acclaim following their buzzworthy performance at Unify Gathering only a few months after the release. But it’s been quiet from them ever since. This past week, though, they triumphantly returned with their brand-new single “Somewhere Else” – a song which has already got everyone buzzing about them again. The hot opening of the song instantly gets you singing along with the chorus, “I’m always wishing I was somewhere else, no matter how warm the company.” From here, the guitars kick in and their modern pop-punk sound merges together with a shot of the early 2000’s era to give them a catchy melody that grabs hold of you. But as catchy as this melody is, when you press deeper into the lyric an ultra-relatable song about facing your social anxiety and low self-esteem rolls out before you. They paint the perfect picture of what we all deal with in life with verses such as, “I’ll keep reading, the worst of meanings, into every little glance that’s thrown my way,” and “I’m over thinking, I’m sick of sinking, if I was someone different now would it be too late?” However, as with anything we face in our lives there’s always an opportunity that we can overcome it. Introvert touches on that part of facing your fears as well when they sing, “I’m slowly learning how to trust myself, ‘til then just give me some room to breathe.” “Somewhere Else” is a very necessary song for today’s youth as many of them struggle with these types of emotions, and songs like this one can act as an anthem for the lost confused, insecure, and out of place.

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