Single Review: Julia Bhatt - "Marco"

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With her debut single “Tall,” Julia Bhatt came out of the gate with a song that made us ask ourselves, “what just hit me?” The way that it bounced between styles while elevating her unique vocals made for one of the most promising debuts we’ve heard in a good while and it left us wondering, “what comes next?” Bhatt answers our question with the release of her brand-new single “Marco,” and with it, she’s showing us another layer of who she is as artist. Different than “Tall,” this song stays a little more straight-forward in its overall sound with a touch more of a lounge-pop/R&B groove, but it never loses sight on the uniqueness that is her vocals; And wrapped within’ those vocals comes a lyric born from the middle of the confusing moments when your internalizing everything after someone who you were once growing close with, has suddenly pushed you out of their life. Bhatt sings on the opening verse of her intentions, “I’m not trying to get you to give up your paycheck. I won’t try to monopolize all of your time.” As we progress through the song and into the chorus, though, her growing frustrations of being pushed aside for everyone else are showcased when she asks, “everybody needs you, what about me?” In one final attempt to earn back the attention she was once given, she sings “I know I seem selfish I swear that I’m chill.” This is a very relatable lyric as we’ve all pursued someone who has never reciprocated. However, beyond that relatability factor, what “Marco” has offered is another very promising single from Julia Bhatt that proves you never know what you’re going to get style wise from her while boldly declaring that she and her music can’t be placed in a proverbial box.

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