Single Review: Bakers Eddy - "On My Own"

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On My Own

Ivy League Records




As punk rock evolved over the years, the incorporation of several different styles into it only watered down the angst, made everything so radio-friendly, and reached the mass instead of only the small pockets of kids who were in the know. Then comes along Bakers Eddy; the New Zealand-born/Australia based group who has just released their refreshing new single “On My Own,” their first music since releasing their debut EP I’m Not Making Good Decisions in 2018. Like an outtake that was found getting dusty on a shelf in a recording studio, Bakers Eddy has instantly transported us back to the original spirit of the 1970’s punk rock genre. “I may have been a little occupied, with me, myself, and I,” they snarl through the opening line as the lyric unfolds from there and weaves you through what can best be described as an anthem for the lazy. However, rather then focusing on the negative aspects of being uninspired, Bakers Eddy instead, champion the idea by giving a big FU to anyone who is judgmental and puts one on a guilt trip simple because they don’t think it’s okay to feel that way from time to time; confessing with unapologetic confidence, “I’m not invested,” “not interested,” “I don’t mind being all on my own” and “I don’t have a problem sleeping, there’s no one to bother me.” The accent, which they can’t help having based on their locale, only works to enhance the snotty nature of the lyrics in the same way that the bands who came before them did; Think of The Cockney Rejects, Sex Pistols, or Sham 69. “On My Own” is everything an old punker like me could possibly want from a single today. This is sloppy! This is dirty! This is punk rock!

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