Single Review: Chief State - "Deciduous"

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With the release of their new single “Deciduous,” Chief State gives us their first new music since 2018’s Nothing More Than This, and a small taste of what’s to come from their upcoming album Tough Love (due out in early 2020). Never a group to fit squarely in a box, although this song borrows from catchy pop-punk ideals, the guitars assault you, the drums pound their way through your speakers, and the vocals fuse in and out of a combination of early 2000’s emo with a raw, modern era punk rock. The changes between how the first and second verse sound in comparison to one another is a testament to their solid songwriting as it showcases their ability to change direction and not stick to the same old formulaic writing. However, digging deeper into the song, you’ll find that the lyrics are cleverly written in a way that makes you need to dissect them to understand them. The idea to compare the changing of the seasons with our own emotional changes is fresh and new. Confessing with the opening line, “I haven’t been myself for two whole weeks,” is the catalyst as the song unfolds with lines that compare being trapped inside during the harsh winter months, with being stuck inside of our own negativity the more that we surround ourselves with our own company; “Time will freeze while my demons come out,” “suffocate in winter’s breath,” and “I get by until the wind in my hair starts to freeze and ensnare.” “Deciduous” provides a good glimpse into where Chief State may be heading with their new album, but more than that, it also showcases that a band rooted in simple pop-punk can still be clever and deep within their songwriting.

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