Single Review: Blink 182 - "Darkside"

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Blink 182


Columbia Records




The release of California in 2016 ushered in a new era for Blink 182 as Matt Skiba (of Alkaline Trio fame) officially replaced founding member Tom DeLonge, and although that first batch of material from this new combination did have some standout tracks, it still left most fans wondering what was to come as they truly hadn’t discovered who they were as a lineup yet. Now three years and some solid touring together later, they clearly show us what to expect from the fully realized new lineup as Matt Skiba comes into his own on their latest single “Darkside.” The song’s hook, “I’m going to the darkside with you,” plays perfectly against the descriptive verses in which the girl he’s pining over is described as being dressed in black, the type who is always surrounded by darkness even in the sun, and is numbing her pain under the neon lights of a bar by self-medicating. By balancing the lead vocals between Skiba and Mark Hoppus this gives you an unmistakable Blink 182 signature feel, but as much as that familiarity draws you in, it’s the repetitive simplicity of the pre-chorus and chorus that will have you easily singing along with this upon first listen. Though it can’t help but be done, it’s entirely lazy to try and draw comparisons to Alkaline Trio and/or older Blink 182 since this isn’t either one of those (other than by band name, of course). This is a fresh, new Blink 182 that has finally found their footing and stands firmly on offering up the best attributes that each of the band’s members can contribute to making this new era work. Of the four tracks they have released as teasers of their forthcoming album so far, “Generational Divide,” “Happy Days,” and “Blame It On My Youth,” it makes sense that they’d save “Darkside” for last, as perhaps, this is the one that best sums up the album as a whole in a nice, 3-minute package.


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