Single Review: Left Behind - "Eternity of Empty"

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Eternity of Empty

Pure Noise Records




Just a few days ahead of the release of their third full-length album No One Goes To Heaven (out on November 15, 2019), West Virginia based metalcore group Left Behind has given us another taste of what to expect with “Eternity of Empty.” Known for a slower pace that relies on heavy, chunky guitars to intoxicate you and pull you into their songs, the same can be said for “Eternity of Empty.” However, it’s the depth of the lyrics and the punch to the gut that Zach Hatfield delivers with his roaring snarl that sets the bar so high with this song. Hellfire and brimstone preaching oftentimes plays on the fears of those hearing it, but as this song dissects, it also adds complete confusion to the overall message of love. Hatfield pulls from his own childhood memories of being in church, as he sings of not being able to understand the stories, being anxious in that setting, and wondering what he did wrong. The confusion continues flowing with lines that question, “Who gets into Heaven,” “Who gets a pair of wings,” and “How am I supposed to know who to believe?” Left Behind masterfully allows the instruments to sit more in the background and they use the power of Hatfield’s vocal to deliver the anger and frustration of every word - a frustration that anyone who has ever felt confused or alienated by a church has felt. Whereas other songs of this nature attack religion and church, Left Behind has opted for a different route in that they seem to be expressing a more of wanting to understand it all better. It’s a very interesting take on a topic that has meaningful depth and is necessary for today’s hurting world.

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