Single Review: Goalkeeper - "Chances"

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It was about this same time last year (November 2018) that Philadelphia/New Jersey based pop-punk band Goalkeeper released their second EP Bad Times Don’t Last, drawing instant comparisons to the late 1990’s/early 2000’s era of pop-punk and bands like New Found Glory and Blink 182. With the release of “Chances,” their third single from the EP, Goalkeeper upholds those comparisons as they continue to showcase their ability to put together a catchy, well-crafted, pop-punk song that feels built for mainstream radio. The idea is a simple, though relatable one, that’s been done in pop-punk many times before; guy is pining, nearly begging, for one more chance from the one that got away. If living in Nashville has taught me one thing about writing a song like this, it’s that there’s only so many ways to write about love, but if you can make your way of doing it unique somehow, then you’ll have a winner! Unique is what Goalkeeper has done on “Chances.” There are the lines you’d expect throughout the first part of the song about promising to change this time around, trying to escape the feelings he has, and so forth and so on. But it’s when you hit the bridge that this takes the turn into a unique territory. Whereas most songs of this topic never really resolve, this one does. He doesn’t win her back in this song, but he also doesn’t stay stuck in misery and despair. Instead, he moves on with his life – singing lyrics such as “I learned to live without you and it’s turning out alright,” “life’s too short to be looking into the rearview,” and I’ve thought about the ways that you moved on, and it’s okay, cause it wouldn’t work out anyway.” This is exactly they type of song needed today. Where most songs tend to be overdramatic (thanks to the emo craze influence), “Chances” shows us that it’s perfectly fine to move on to living your best life in the next chapter of it!

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