Single Review: Circa Waves - "Jacqueline"

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Finding a unique path in pop music is no easy task, since most of the genre is formulaic and churned out so rapidly that there isn’t much thought behind it. However, this is hardly the case with Circa Waves; the British group who announced today their two-part, fourth studio album Sad Happy (set for release in early 2020) and it’s lead single “Jacqueline.” Backed by a toe-tapping beat that wraps around an 80’s, pop infused melody, “Jacqueline” carries an anathematic feel that is sure to draw you in and get you grooving along with it. However, it’s the deep, meaningful lyrics that sets this apart from most other pop-based acts. Though this never specifically says what the subject of the song, Jacqueline, is going through and dealing with, it’s obvious that she is based on lines such as, “when you’re sleep deprived,” or “the good times are well, Oh well, they’re coming ‘round the bend.” The well written line, “it’s hard to make sense out of the movie when you’re in the starring role,” leads us to what takes this to a much-needed level of honest encouragement from the point of view of a good friend – something that today’s excuse making society is in desperate need of – when he challenges with the truth bomb, “no one can dry your eyes, it’s up to you!” This song has a very fun feel to it, which is clearly designed to draw you and then pull you toward the well-crafted lyric. By cleverly not stating the one thing in particular that Jacqueline is facing, Circa Waves leaves this entire song open to listener interpretation – ergo, you can insert yourself and your own issue into the song as you see fit, giving this a personal reliability factor.

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