Single Review: Names Without Numbers - "The Dragonfly and the Owl"

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The Dragonfly and the Owl

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Good things come to those who wait! That was a slogan for Heinz ketchup during my childhood back in the 1980’s, but it’s also a sentiment that certainly applies to indie rock band Names Without Numbers. Though they released a few songs in 2018, “The Apathy Anthem” and “Goodnight,” it’s not been since their 2003 debut album Running Marathons/Chasing Ambulances that we’ve gotten a full release from them; until now! Some 16 years later, and the band is getting set to release their sophomore effort Silos & Smokestacks, and to create a buzz they’ve given us their brand-new single “The Dragonfly and the Owl.” Plain and simple; this lyric is a heartfelt letter from father to child. Confessing with lines such as, “never been that good at saying what I mean” or “I know I’ll have regrets about things I did when you were young, I swear my rigidness was for your good,” showcases the vulnerability of the father and his coming to grips with the mistakes he inevitably knows he’ll make. However, this song takes time to share with the child what they mean to him as well; “you’re the most precious thing,” “you make me so proud,” etc. While the song relies on these depth-filled lyrics to deliver a poignant message, the indie rock feel of the music surrounding them carry a steady build to the big chorus that will earn them fair comparisons to the likes of Jimmy Eat World. With as much time that’s passed between album releases, Names Without Numbers is virtually starting over and this is a solid way to re-introduce themselves to their longtime fans who have impatiently waited for this to come, but even more so, to the newcomers who are looking for something in the indie/emo range that is a little more mature and a bit more for the older demographic.

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