Single Review: A.M. Nice - "Scooter" b/w "Man On A Wire"

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A.M. Nice

Scooter b/w Man On A Wire

Phratry Records




Whenever a band comes out with an A-side/B-side single release, it’s really only meant to accomplish two things; showcase where a band is currently at in comparison to their previous releases, and give their fans a solid idea of where they’re headed with what comes next. That’s exactly what A.M. Nice does with “Scooter” and “Man On A Wire,” which both still retain the signature indie rock sound we’ve grown accustomed to from them, but is also clearly a big step forward with a much bolder, cleaner production. “Scooter,” the A-side, is a dreamy, mid-tempo that fits snuggly amongst the 1990’s indie rock push towards the mainstream alternative rock movement of that same era. The song allows the perfect amounts of room for Adam Nice to utilize his vocal prowess and deliver the feel that the lyrics need, while also being smart enough to know when to pull them back and allow the instruments to shine and deliver the proper punches at all the right times. On the flipside, “Man On A Wire” is a little more driving and spastic rather then straight-forward. Of the two songs, this one stretches more outside of the proverbial box and takes risks within its post-punk sound as it experiments with odd timing, while taking their indie sound and flashing it with drips of pop ideals. Though this is clearly a band that falls somewhere between the classic indie/pop sound usually associated with labels such as Subpop or Dischord, A.M. Nice never loses sight of their punk rock roots as they blend in touches of influence from the more artsy bands (think The Buzzcocks or The Talking Heads) and walk firmly along a genre line that hits in several different places, but one that they can distinctively label as their own.

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