Single Review: Sweet Pill - "Miss This/Tell Me"

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Miss This - Tell Me

Know Hope Records




It’s only every so often that a band catches us completely off guard in the best possible ways. Sweet Pill is that band! With Lost In It, their self-recorded/self-produced debut EP, they earned a spot at SXSW in Austin, TX and were able to build a regional, grassroots following across the Northeastern US. After inking a deal with Know Hope Records, the group now returns with their first new music since with “Miss This” and “Tell Me.” “Miss This” gives us a driving mid-tempo that plays off their signature indie rock flare as it pulls in touches of emo sensibilities. With interesting style switches happening throughout the song, such as the clap along instrumentation midway through that begs for audience participation or the breakdown at the 3-minute mark that allows front woman Zayna Youssef to showcase a vulnerability that steadily builds into more anger as she sings over and over again “doesn’t that suck the life out of you and I,” this song gets taken to an exciting and unpredictable level. “Tell Me,” on the other hand, utilizes a simple guitar riff throughout its verses to add an element of catchiness that “Miss This” didn’t have, while allowing Youssef’s vocals to lace in all the proper emotions the lyric calls for. Though more straight-forward then “Miss This,” “Tell Me” still adds in an element of unpredictability when they scale back nearly all of the instrumentation at the 2-minute mark and allow Youssef complete control over the lyric as she pleads, “tell me a secret, I swear I can keep it all for me.” Whereas a lot of acts borrow so much from their influences that they end up following a path that’s been done before, Sweet Pill forges their own trailblazing path by holding close to the familiarity of their influences, but cleverly twisting them to fit within their own individual strengths to create something truly unique that stands out amongst a crowded indie rock scene.

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