Single Review: Neck Deep - The Peace and the B-Sides

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The Peace and the B-Sides

Hopeless Records




2019 has been quite a banner year for UK Pop-punk group Neck Deep. They released new single “She’s A God”, supported Blink 182 on their US tour, performed at the 25th Anniversary VANS warped Tour, and have just released The Peace and The B-Sides; giving fans their songs “Beautiful Madness” and “Worth It” for the first time on digital/streaming platforms, which were previously only available on exclusive retail versions on their monumental 2017 album The Peace and the Panic. Often compared to their tour mates Blink 182, they bring forth a sound that strongly resembles the early 2000’s pop punk of Drive-Thru Records (think Home Grown’s 2002 album Kings of Pop) on “Beautiful Madness,” a catchy up-tempo gem that focuses on the many confusions and questions that come with love, separation, to go back to them or not, can you even go back, etc. On the flip side, “Worth It” carries a distinctively different feel from that of “Beautiful Madness.” Although it still retains the pop-punk flavor and their signature catchiness, this song was clearly built for crowd participation with its clap along beat and sing along with chorus. Though pop-punk sometimes gets cast aside when new fads (emo, screamo, metalcore, etc.) inject the scene, it’s also the subgenre of punk rock that’s always been the most radio-friendly, and arguably, the one that contains the most relatable songs. Newer era bands such as All Time Low, Set It Off, and Neck Deep have all been at the forefront of a pop-punk resurgence over the past few years, but if these two songs (even though they’re 2017 leftover’s) give us any indication of what’s coming next, then it’s a safe bet that Neck Deep will be leading the charge as we head into the new decade.

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