Single Review: The Used (feat. Jason Aalon Butler) - "Blow Me"

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Blow Me

Big Noise



When The Used released their self-titled debut album in 2002, they were thrust directly into the moment when screamo/emo was rising in popularity. With the success of early singles “The Taste of Ink,” “Buried Myself Alive,” “Take It Away,” and “All That I’ve Got,” The Used quickly became the band to carry the banner of the entire sub-genre. But as it always does, the kids in the music scene changed, and with it, so did the music they were flocking too. Somehow, while other band’s fell to the wayside, The Used have always been able to evolve and uniquely fit in with their brand of music - mostly due to the explosive sincerity of front man Bert McCracken’s vocals; something showcased on “Blow Me,” their first new music in over two years and our first glimpse into their 8th studio album. Though the song features a guest spot from Jason Aalon Butler (Fever 333), this is a true return to the beginnings of The Used. With John Feldmann back at the production board, “Blow Me” gives us that frantic driving feel we expect from The Used, contains lyrics with incredible depth that cautiously speak out to today’s gun happy world, and uses spastic energy whenever it needs to, but lends itself perfectly to their screamo side when it calls for it. In a nutshell, this is The Used! Bert McCracken has an incredible know how of adding the kiss of terrified confusion to lines that ask, “What if you found a gun? Would you use it like I did?” and to tuck the proper emotions into confessions such as, “Look what I did, I made a mess” and “could be that I was just depressed.” Though it’s been a minute since we’ve heard from them, The Used have never gone away, so to say they are back would be incorrect…However, to say that they’ve returned to their original form with “Blow Me” would be right on the money!

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